Easy Steps to buy from TTLET

product details page

1. Select an option

product options checkout steps

2. And check the quantity

quantity checkout steps

3. Then Click the button

add to cart checkout steps

4. The item(s) will be added to the cart successful

success addtocart checkout steps

5. Check the mini cart on the right-up corner, there is a image of shopping cart as well as a number of item(s) in cart

mini cart checkout steps

6. Then Click the button of "Go to Checkout"

checkout steps one

7. Fill in the form, "*" is required, others is optional, and choose a shipping method, then click next

checkout steps

8. Choose a payment methods and click continue

checkout steps next

checkout steps choose payment

9. Finish payment on Paypal.com

checkout steps to paypal

10. Then the page will be redirected back to www.ttlet.com

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