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  1. Tell you why shipping status is stuck on "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment"

    Why does your order shipping status show that it is stuck on "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" or "XXX,leaving XXX to XXX"

    When your package are sorted in the China Post EMS bin, all goods destined for the same destination are loaded into the pallet to the airline (a pallet may have hundreds of EMS packages) and sent to the same destination, here same destination neither refers to the same country, nor does it refer to the same city. For example, parcels sent to Delaware, Vermont, Maine, and sent to New York all fly to Kennedy Airport waiting for next movement. And, it is usps do the scaning and distribution work after package arrival.

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  2. How to choose a fidget spinner?

    There are more and more Fidget spinner launch in the market day after day. As a new gadget without global standard, It is difficult for most of people to buy a right and good fidget spinner. Here we bring some tips for your reference. and any of your good idea is welcomed to reply to this post 

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  3. How far away are we from smaller and stable battery?

    Electronic devices become smaller, more powerful, you need faster, smaller, more stable battery, at present, the United States University of Illinois chemist recently developed a solid super-ion conductor, will become a new generation of lithium-ion battery design basis.

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  4. Health Technology Can Save a Life

    Many people use wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches to help them stay fit and on track with their healthy lifestyles. In fact, CEA research has found that total wearable technology shipment volume will reach 28.7 million units in 2015, a 49 percent increase from 2014.

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  5. Free of Charge for every 100th order

    Free of Charge for every 100th order, Free order, Free lunch online.

    Is there free lunch online? Want some interesting gadget from TTLET for free? It is the right place to find your gadget and good luck.

    Every 100th order we ship is totally free! You never know when it’ll happen, so you could be a winner on your very next order.

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  6. VR phone in 2017

    If you've tried virtual reality, whether or not it blew your mind probably depends on how you experienced it: whether it was with a high-end headset like the Oculus Rift or one that used a smartphone like the Samsung Gear VR.

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